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Hard to Hold

Part of The U.S. Marshals miniseries!

She was asking for trouble. She got it! Colton Black is amazed when the girl with whiskey-colored eyes levels a gun at him. First, he knows the gun is a child's toy. And second? She hasn't a clue that she's just taken a U.S. deputy marshal hostage!

Maddie Howe has seventy-two hours to scrape together fifty thousand dollars--or her brother will die. And maybe taking the incredibly hot lawman hostage wasn't exactly her best moment. She needs to ditch Colton, find the rest of the money and get her brother back.

But Colton isn't about to let her get away. And maybe it's the weirdest case of Stockholm syndrome ever, but the sexual tension between them is fierce. And if they're not careful, it could get someone hurt...

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And coming in April 2014...

Make Me Melt

Part of The U.S. Marshals miniseries!
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Hot to the touch...

Twelve years ago, a teenage Caroline Banks slipped into Jason Cooper's bed, intending to seduce him and all of his tattooed hotness. She failed. Since then, she's wrapped herself in remote iciness, keeping her distance from both him and her home. But then Jason-now a mouthwateringly sexy U.S. Marshal-shows up suddenly with the news that Caroline's father has been shot and she is now under Jason's protection.

Caroline never knew just how much she tempted him. And now, even with her aloofness, Jason can barely keep himself under control. Because that heat-that fiery sexual attraction-is stronger than ever. His job is to keep her safe, and not let himself fall into the flames. But the fire started so long ago won't be contained any longer...

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Free Fall


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RT Reviewers' Choice Best Book Award nominee


No Going Back


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Coming Up for Air


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